ibooks author creation

web development

Whether it is a flash website, e-Commerce targeting Lancashire or the United Kingdom, or a commercial website targeting Europe, the limezest website design team are best situated to provide what is, for you, a winning platform you can build a business from. Get in touch today and take your business forward online contact us.

  • content management system (cms)

    The CMS system is a user-friendly method designed to help those who don’t understand HTML or web programming to easily make routine website, intranet, or extranet changes. Text or graphics, catalogue and order processing for e-commerce websites, intranet project management system, and other issues can be easily handled via a CMS framework. CMS contains powerful tools for designing, building, and managing web content, including custom modules that provide added functionality. This module-based approach lets limezest media design you the client a quick implemented customized solution and provide effective technical support for our clients.

    ecommerce websites

    Your business can experience phenomenal growth through online sales. Limezest media can help you create an e-commerce website that’s strategically designed with your company’s objectives in mind.

    Our e-commerce sites are easy to navigate and feature shopping cart software and other technology that maximizes convenience and efficiency and helps you win in your online battle with your competitors. When you sell your product or service online, your store is always open, allowing customers to purchase your product 24/7. Get in touch with us today for all your ecommerce website solutions.
  • website & mobile design

    web and mobile design
    Design and develop your perfect website

    Bespoke website development and mobile web design.

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  • app and ibook creation

    app and ibook creation
    iBooks Author and Bespoke Apps

    Limezest media offer iBook and eBook solutions.

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  • search engine optimisation

    SEO and Google Analytics

    Let us improve your website and make sure it's easily found in Google.

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  • branding & graphic design

    branding and print design
    Print Design and Branding

    Let us create a fresh new look and feel for your business.

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